The Su-27 maneuver between the rocks + video


A video of a fighter flying Sukhoi 27 between the rocks in the Crimea was released by an Instagram user.

According to Sputnik, a person named sania_kurdoglo posted a video of a fourth-generation Su-27 fighter maneuvers between rocks near the Crimean Mangop plateau on his Instagram account.

"For the first time, I see Su maneuvering in the mountains," the user says during the video. It is noteworthy that the date of this flight is not known.

The Sukhoi Su-27 is a multi-purpose fighter and air superiority aircraft equipped with two Saturn / Lyulka AL-31F turbofan engines designed and built by the Sukhoi Design Office in the Soviet Union. The Sukhoi 27 has exceptional flight range, high ammunition portability and extraordinary agility. The Sukhoi 27 fighter is often deployed in the role of air superiority missions, but is capable of participating in most other combat missions.

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