The new clothes of the French prison guards make controversy


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The new staffing of uniforms for prison guards has been sharply criticized by unions who say that "they are the worst since their introduction".

The new uniforms for prison guards raised a wave of controversy, especially from the prison administration union which, in a statement, notes the poor quality of the uniforms.

"For years our polo shirts have faded after three washes, our pants are cranking in the crotch in a few weeks and our shoes are as comfortable as wooden shoes," says the union.
In this context, he mentions the new staffing of uniforms and indicates that while it was possible to celebrate "these polos with a shiny appearance" at the beginning, "we quickly became disillusioned".

"In terms of quality, these are probably the worst since their introduction. One use is enough to damage them, "continued the union.

"Quickly the arrival of the vests bladder to sublimate everything," he sadly joked.

Uniforms made by prisoners

In the aftermath of a prisoner-led attack on Condé-sur-Sarthe prison by a radicalized prisoner, Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet spoke at the beginning of March about the measures to be taken to increase security in prisons.

Among other things, she spoke about security equipment including "bumpers and vests" that would be deployed "gradually for all prison guards".

These uniforms are made by prisoners in several French prisons.

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