The negligence of a doctor leads to an abortion on the wrong patient


In South Korea, a pregnant woman lost her child after the doctor erroneously carried out an abortion on her, according to the Korea Herald.

On Monday, September 23, police in Seoul announced that they had arrested a gynecologist and a nurse for professional negligence. They are responsible for performing an abortion on a six-week pregnant woman without having verified the patient's identity prior to the operation.

According to the investigators, the alleged victim is of Vietnamese nationality. When she was admitted to the hospital, the nurse confused her medical record with that of another patient. She injected him with an anesthetic, the doctor then proceeded to the abortion, reports the Korea Herald.

The woman returned to the hospital the next day because of blood loss. She then learned that the fetus had been aborted.

Charges for unscheduled abortion were considered, but the victim was not aware during the operation and could not agree or disagree. According to South Korean law, the two suspects could not be arrested for such charges, the police said.

In most situations, abortion is illegal in South Korea.

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