The goal of peace is not just the absence of war


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Zarif: Peace is a sacred word that humanity has always wanted.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the goal of peace is not just a lack of war, but a sense of justice, equality and security.

"There is no doubt that peace is a sacred word, humanity has always sought it and is a shared universal cause," the foreign minister said. The fact is that the goal of peace is not only the absence of war, but also a sense of justice, equality and security. In this sense, peace is a virtue. The avoidance of human doctrines and teachings such as brotherhood, equality, peaceful coexistence, honesty, righteousness, justice, and tolerance is the missing link in the realization of peace.

Many of the wars that have taken place throughout human history have been driven by excessive greed and expansionist thought, though at times it has been accompanied by claims of peace and security or the defense of one of the parties to the conflict. In fact, some parties see or see the provision of peace for themselves in creating insecurity for the other party or parties. Based on this thinking, the past has seen the formation of various political and military blocs in the international arena, and today it has become crystallized in unilateralism.

America's failure to adhere to international commitments and bilateral agreements with other countries and to adopt a unilateralist approach are among the key threats to international peace and security. The failure to resolve the Palestinian issue after more than five decades of occupation, killing and depriving a nation of all fundamental rights and displacing them and the current deplorable situation in Yemen is an attack of gross injustice on the international arena.

Based on religious and national teachings, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always strived to promote regional and international peace and security. Iran's confirmation of its commitments confirms this. Iran's key and essential role in countering terrorism, especially in the fight against ISIL in Syria and Iraq, is another example of our efforts to counter threats to peace and security. "

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