The Egyptian House of Representatives back to the meeting … What are the most important laws that will be discussed?


The Egyptian House of Representatives will reconvene on Tuesday to begin its fifth and final round after completing its summer recess.

The First Undersecretary of the House of Representatives, MP Sayyed Al-Sharif, said that the procedures session at the beginning of the session includes calling for the election of the bodies of the 25 committees of the specific committees. Each committee elects the office of the president, two undersecretaries, and a secretary. Between Parliament and the government is governed by the Constitution.

He pointed out, in an interview with the "Al-Ahram Gate" that the legislative agenda is crowded with the fifth session of the House of Representatives, a number of important laws, which will contribute to the completion of the legislative structure and facilitate the life of the citizen.

Sherif stressed that "there are many important laws that will be discussed in the next session, headed by the law of local administration and the law of the Senate and the House of Representatives, and the exercise of political rights as a legislative priority since the state is in greatest need of localities as a development convoy in Egypt, and will contribute to relieve pressure on the Council MPs in following up and reviewing localities' affairs.

Regarding the decision to broadcast the public sessions during the new session, Sharif said that it is a "right decision". Elapsed has had realistic reasons and now it does not exist. "

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