Syria … the fifth anniversary of the liberation of Adra workers


The last days of September coincide with the fifth anniversary of the Syrian army's announcement of the restoration of Adra workers' homes, nearly a year after the massacre of terrorist groups against residents of one of the largest industrial cities in Syria, Adra Industrial City in Damascus countryside.

On December 11, 2013, Syrian opposition groups infiltrated the Islamic Front and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists into the industrial zone northeast of Damascus, specifically to the Adra labor residences, and carried out systematic killings and abductions of civilians living in the area.
According to eyewitnesses, terrorist groups included elements of different Arab and foreign nationalities, distributed under the entrances of the buildings and detained residents in the cellars, then began the screening and then the systematic killing of many men and families, while the capture of many women and children, were taken "naked" according to Witnesses to Douma, to be displayed in cages later.

Moscow: The massacre had certain objectives

The Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the massacre of dozens of innocent and civilians, and Alexander Lukashevich (former official spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry) said in a statement: "Moscow is convinced that such acts of terrorism deserve firm condemnation and must be cut off as soon as possible and must be addressed. The international community of the perpetrators and sponsors of these acts is of an effective and irreversible nature. "

“ These terrorist acts are committed according to clearly defined objectives to sow hatred and increase tensions over the vast areas of common life, not only in Iraq but also in Syria and Lebanon, and for these reasons use similar methods of provocation and terror against the civilian population. ''

Children and women in cages, before the eyes of the silent international community!

Over time, horrific stories began to appear inside the city, according to witnesses. Terrorist groups were provided with lists, names and addresses of houses to be liquidated, corpses spread on roads and building entrances, while women were taken naked with their children to the formerly controlled city of Douma. The "Army of Islam" terrorist organization.

Later in that day, pictures of prisoners, children, women and men inside the iron cages in Douma, spread a grim picture of the state of the international community, some of whose members (in shame) condemned the massacre in brief terms, while others described the event as a "major field achievement". "Score for the opposition.

Adar workers .. The return of life despite the difficulties

The Syrian government has made many attempts to encourage people to return to their homes and practice their normal lives.Rif Damascus governorate has provided compensation for damages (not benefited by all), and despite the great difficulties of the problem of services and infrastructure, according to the agency "SANA" Syrian 2014 The return of hundreds of families, and the opening of the city's school, and the Damascus Workers Union formed a committee to assess the material damage resulting from terrorist acts and sabotage.The Syrian newspaper Tishreen published on March 2, 2019 a statement to the Secretary of Social Services in the General Federation of Trade Unions in Syria, Burhan Abb Wahab, announced the signing of the distribution of those in the workers 'housing in the city 0.1216 dwelling workers' numbering in the suburb of Basil al-Assad, and added that the latest distribution will be before the end of this year, a strong indicator of the return of economic and labor movement.

Today, five years after the tragedy, parents are trying to turn the page on the past and close the door in the face of gloomy memories. The rehabs, and sang the song of the Blue Bird, from the fifties of the last century (Rah Choi .. And returned Choi) in the hope that they will stay this time (and do not go) in the same way that happened earlier.

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