Somalia: US military forces must fend off attack on their own and kill ten attackers


The US military and its partners in Somalia have destroyed ten terrorists of the radical al-Shabaab group * while warding off an attack on a military base. This reports the African US Command.

Al-Shabaab * militias have attacked the US air base in southern Somalia, according to local media. The leaf Goobjoog News emphasizes that the attack was directed against the air base Baledogle in the sub-Shabelle region. According to the sources, militant fighters on explosive-laden trucks entered the base. After that, there had been a fire change and the attack had been repulsed within thirty minutes. "Al-Shabaab" has already taken responsibility for the attack.

"In response to this attack and for self-defense, the US command in Africa had two air strikes and used against Sagittarius" Al-Shabaab "terrorists. According to the US forces and their partners, ten terrorists were shot dead and a means of transport involved in the attack was destroyed, "states the statement from the US command.
It is emphasized that the US military and their partners were not injured in the attack,

The radical Islamist group "Al-Shabaab" * ("Movement of Young Mujahed"), which operates in Somalia, maintains close ties to the international terrorist organization "Al Qaeda" *. It is engaged in an armed struggle against the central government of Somalia and is obstructing the UN's humanitarian activities.

The US regularly hits on positions of the "Al-Shabaab" *.

* A terrorist group banned in Russia

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