Snowden: I return to the United States with a guarantee of fair trial, but they don't want it


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Edward Snowden, who lived in Russia and deciphered the activities of the USA against the public and made a great impact in the world, declared that he could return to the USA if he was given a ‘guarantee of fair trial’. But Snowden said the United States did not want it and would not give him such a guarantee.

According to Diken, Snowden, who spoke to the US on CBS television, said that he wanted to return to his country, that he could return if he was given a 'fair trial guarantee', but that the US government would not grant him a public defense right, that this initiative would lead to better results for his country. said he wanted to avoid it.


The US government in such a situation 'another kind of trial' stating that Snowden, "They want to implement a more special procedure, to establish a court behind closed doors and the court here to keep the public closed," he said.

Snowden, in 2013, by explaining documents that the government is monitoring the citizens against the laws of the United States allegedly behaved, 'the US government itself can not show how damage to national security' stressed. "If there is information about the damage to the hair of a single person by revealing confidential documents in their hands, you know, I will do so," he said on the first page of The New York Times.


Snowden, the largest 'leak' in the history of the United States signed the NSA's secret documents and Pentagon documents had been disclosed. Snowden was accused of espionage and theft by the US government.

Snowden, who is charged with crimes that will lead to US imprisonment, lives in Moscow, the Russian capital. Snowden has been criticized by intelligence officials for damaging national security indefinitely, while civil libertarians and private-life advocates have been defending it all along.

The documents leaked to the press by Snowden revealed mass monitoring activities in which the US government recorded millions of domestic telephone calls, and the scandal had not fallen off the agenda of the international press for a long time.

Snowden was also described in the Oscar-winning documentary 'Citizenfour' and Oliver Stone's 'Snowden', in which they lived through the process of uncovering documents and escaping from the United States.

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