Show off Su-35 fighter capabilities over the sky in Istanbul + Video


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The Russian Su-35 fighter jet and the B-200 blue-earth aircraft were showcased at the second tech festival.

The Russian Su-35 fighter jet and the B-200 blue aircraft were shown in the sky in Istanbul, Sputnik reports.

The planes arrived in Turkey to participate in the second TechnoFest Technology Festival, which will be held September 17-22. The Su-35 flight took about 15 minutes. The pilot of the fighter showed various aerobic movements. The "B-200" blue-earth aircraft also exhibited fire extinguishing maneuvers.

Earlier, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, together with Vladimir Putin, had visited the Max-2009 air show. The Turkish leader had also indicated Ankara's interest in Su-35 and Su-57. Erdogan added that the two sides are negotiating to supply Russian fighters.

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