Shocking details … American actress Demi Moore reveals her mother's role in being raped



American actress Demi Moore revealed shocking details about her sexual abuse during her childhood in a recent book she published.

The 56-year-old said in her book that she was raped by an elderly man when she was 15.

After her parents separated, Demi lived with her mother and husband, who were alcoholics, the book says.

Demi's mother used to take her to bars to attract the attention of the men. On one occasion, the little girl came back and found an old man in the house waiting for her.

After the girl was raped, the man asked Demi Moore: "How do you feel and your mother sold you for $ 500?"

"Deep in my heart, I don't think it was an explicit deal between them," said Demi Moore in an attempt to find a justification for her mother.

Demi Moore revealed that she spent her childhood thinking that her stepfather is her father, before she discovered the truth at the age of 13.

Demi Moore recounted her mother's attempt to commit suicide, but rescued her by extracting the pills the mother had taken before swallowing.

Despite all these events, actress Demi Moore reconciled with her mother before she died in 1998.

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