Shock … Samsung Galaxy Fold foldable phone may not fit for women



The Samsung Galaxy FOLD foldable phone may not work for women, shocking a large number of users.

The specialist Web site The Next Web published a report on the latest ability and durability test, which was subjected to the new phone "Galaxy Fold".

The latest test showed that the 4.6-inch Galaxy Fold external screen was mainly resistant to basic scratches and was only damaged when it reached the sixth level of shock, which was described as an outstanding rate.

But the large 7.3-inch folding main screen was less durable, with serious levels of scratches at the second level of shocks.

But the main shock was that the nails could cause major scratches on the Samsung folding phone.

He described this as a dangerous indicator, especially for women, which makes the possession of the phone "Galaxy Fold" a great loss for them.

Tests also revealed that the phone's large and folded screen did not suffer significant damage to shocks and fractures, but the edges were "very weak" and were easily broken.

As for the "burn" test, the phone "Galaxy Fold" has a great ability to withstand the fire, even after the screen came under fire the touch screen is still working, and did not show significant damage.

The test revealed that sand and dust particles can enter the Galaxy Fold very easily, especially in the folding hinges, making them vulnerable to damage more quickly over time.

Earlier this month, Samsung launched its Galaxy Fold phone at $ 1980.

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