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"Thousands of police have hunted down this sexy criminal man, but have failed for a long time," Sputnik quoted Lenta as saying.

This story is about Alexander Berlizov, nicknamed "Dave the Night." For days she was a promising young employee at a rocketry factory and hunted women after dark. Berlizov became a real nightmare for the residents of Dnepropetrovsk, where at the behest of Soviet-era leader Leonid Brzeznov, three thousand police officers were searching for him from across the Soviet Union. He committed 42 rape and nine murders and was recognized as the number one sexual mania in the Soviet Union. He was born in 1946.

In this case, we have the following:

Not everyone goes to the secret factory, all candidates must pass a check-in period. Berlizov successfully completed the course and displayed leadership and leadership abilities in the Yuzmash factory team. At the same time, Berlizov became interested in criminal matters, studied the investigation of various criminal cases, and even volunteered to assist police. Alexander, 23, committed his first rape in 1969.

She watched for a woman returning home late in the evening, holding her back and holding her scarf, lowering it, and strangling her. The victim was unconscious and he was raped. Berlizov seized some of the woman's personal belongings. They had no material value – Berlizov simply kept these "trophies."

He did not kill his victim because he thought the woman had not seen him and therefore could not identify him. Berlizov used this pattern more often, repeatedly attacking women walking alone in the dark streets of Dnepropetrovsk. But the maneuvers stopped for a long time because the police did not initially tie them in series. In addition, not all victims of Berlizov's hand did not go to the police because they did not want to disclose their disaster.

The Dnepropetrovsk police were trying to silence investigating a series of rapes and murders – but the terror in the city nevertheless began. Terrible stories about a mysterious criminal, nicknamed "Dave the Night", went from house to house, and women tried not to go alone in the dark without immediate need.

The work came to a standstill with Denpropetrovsk factories and establishments canceling workers' second and third shifts. Now the women only worked during the day and went to town with their relatives after work. But all efforts were in vain. Berlizov was attacking again.

At the same time, he was in charge of the operation of the Yojmash workers and was aware of police plans and cases – allowing the mania to evade detectives again and again.

The arrest of "Dave Night" was the number one task of police organs thanks to the secretary general of the Soviet Communist Party Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev. He started party activity in Dnipropetrovsk, and so his city affairs were cherished. He ordered that all possible measures be taken to quickly detain the offender.

Police were patrolling the streets of the city at night. Young police women dressed in non-uniform dress walked around in the Denropropetrovsk lounges and attempted to capture the "night demon" with "live prey" in parks and squares. It was rumored that even some male police officers wore female clothing for these purposes. But no results: He seemed to have gone underground.

The Devil was hiding: Berlizov, who was a member of the police force, was well aware of the patrols and the police wings of the police, so he decided to leave the scene. His arrest operation failed – and police officers sent to Dnepropetrovsk returned to their homes. Almost immediately thereafter, a new attack took place in the city that was the victim of the young woman: she was raped and killed. Dave Night seemed to mock the detectives.

No wonder she studied forensics: thanks to this knowledge she knew how to cover her paths. Berlizov tried to wipe the footprint of the shoe, leaving no cigarette or sperm behind and never spit on the crime scene. But once, Dave Night made a mistake: On the fresh snow traces of his shoes remained at the scene of the crime – and he wore expensive, imported boots, imported into Dnepropetrovsk in a limited category. However, this mistake did not initially help the police, as they did not ask for passport information when buying shoes.

Meanwhile, this psychic changed his tactic: Knowing that the police were hunting him at night, he first decided to attack in the middle of the day and went to the family dormitory of the Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute. Berlizov knew that an institute engineer lived in a room with his six-month-old wife and daughter, and her husband was working all day. Unlocked, Sheida quietly entered the room and assaulted the woman: as in many cases, she strangled the victim until she regained consciousness and raped him. But when Berlizov intended to go, the child woke up and cried.

Her mother's baby crying woke her up, but luckily she didn't show up and just opened her eyes. However, the woman saw Berlizov's face and it was forever remembered. Soon the police arrived at the dormitory. When officers discovered that she was the first person to see the demon's face alive, they tried to get a photo of the suspect, according to her. It was not successful – but the victim assured the police that if they saw him alive, they could detect the mania.

Detectives decided to pursue mania with the surviving victim. The woman appeared with a police officer in a crowded area, from museums and theaters to markets and shops. He was constantly looking at the men's faces – and once, a month after the operation began, he saw someone he was looking for.

As always, the woman boarded the tram with the police – and suddenly noticed Berlizov among the passengers. He was frightened and only showed his eyes to the police on the side of the criminal. The police went to Berlizev – but it was not easy: Dave Night recognized his victim, immediately assessed the situation and rushed to the door. He opened it by force and jumped out of the tram on the go and disappeared.

However, the case was a turning point: the police saw the suspect's appearance well, and this helped to produce his image. Subsequently, all of the Dnepropetrovsk police were recruited to maneuver, some of whom were dispatched to the suburbs of factories and municipal corporations. It turned out that one of them was standing at the entrance door of Yozmash. Soon, a police officer in the post of Izmash reported that a man working as a suspect was working at the factory.

Berlizov, confident of his vulnerability, did not intend to leave the city and continued to work. The detectives observed him and were soon convinced: this is exactly what they were looking for. Berlizov was not just like the photo – he wore those very rare imported boots, a trace of which remains in one of the crime scenes.

Investigators also searched his parents' home in Stavropol Territory and discovered Berlizov's hideout. In it, the mania carefully kept everything stolen from its victims – matte, handbag, mirror, comb, jewelry, lingerie and more.

Psychiatrists found that she had a disorder – sexual abuse, but at the same time, experts unanimously concluded that the defendant was intelligent and aware of what she was doing. After such a medical opinion, the death sentence did not surprise anyone. The defendant was convicted of murdering 9 people and 42 rape. The life of the first officially recognized Soviet sex offender was cut off in 1972 in the Dnepropetrovsk prison.

The points raised in this article are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Sputnik editorial board.

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