Saudi expert: Saudi Arabia must strike "Iran wing" to bring peace to Yemen


The television interview, conducted by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, provoked a lot of political reactions and analysis because of the political positions, which may not have been known by some, such as the Houthi peace initiative and the Kingdom's position on that invitation, and other controversial issues.

"During the meeting, the Crown Prince touched on several issues, including Iran and Yemen, which are interconnected, some like Iran with the snakehead and the snake's head should be hit," said Maj. Gen. Dr. Shami Mohammed Al Dhaheri, a Saudi military and strategic expert.
Al-Dhaheri, who served as the former commander of the Saudi Armed Forces Command and Staff College, said in a telephone conversation with Sputnik on Monday, "But I see that" Iran is a bird of the crow "and the Kingdom and its allies must strike the wing of this crow, which flies with its wing and cries Day and night, through the "Houthis" because they are the wing of Iran at present. "

"Today, Iran has only a Houthi wing, and they are in deep trouble and in the last breath, as a result of coalition strikes in three areas, which are a source of concern for the queen and a source of rocket and drones" Saada and Sanaa, "the strategic expert said.

"Sanaa has large arms stores under the mountains and the third area, which must be hit by the kingdom, and in Hodeidah, which is a window to secure weapons and lungs, from which the Houthi gangs breathe."

On the Kingdom's approach to peace, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said in the interview, "The Crown Prince said that since the beginning of the crisis, the Kingdom has been calling for the peace process or the so-called political process." Geneva, Stockholm and Sweden recently pointed out that the most affected by the war is not the Houthis or the Kingdom, but the people who killed 19,000 unarmed Yemeni brothers, as well as 10 million suffering from hunger.

Al-Dhaheri stressed that a peaceful and political solution is for the benefit of the Yemeni people who are now grinding and not for the Houthis who live a life of prosperity with the aid they do not reach the Yemeni people.

He continued: “ When I asked the American broadcaster (CBS program 60 minutes) do you want to negotiate to end the war in Yemen? '' He replied: “ The Kingdom always welcomes peace and is ready to reach political solutions if the Houthis prove their seriousness and stop circling in the astronomy of Iran and serving its agendas. ''

Since March 2015, Saudi Arabia has been leading a military alliance from Arab and Muslim countries in support of the internationally recognized Yemeni government as it seeks to recapture the capital Sana'a and large areas in northern and western Yemen, which the Houthis seized in late 2014.

Ansar Allah has carried out repeated attacks with drones, ballistic missiles and booby-trapped boats targeting Saudi and Yemeni forces inside Yemen and on Saudi territory.

Coalition raids, as well as mutual bombing, have caused hundreds of thousands of civilian and military casualties, as well as destruction of Yemen's infrastructure, epidemics, disease and famine in some areas.

According to the United Nations, Yemen is experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, and nearly 80 percent of the total population – 24.1 million people – needs some form of humanitarian assistance and protection.

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