Russia's Arctic regions now protected by S-400s


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The first S-400 ground-to-air missile systems have been put into operational service in the Arctic, expanding the airspace controlled by the Russian army in this region, announces the North Fleet.

The Arctic-based anti-aircraft missile regiment has put S-400 systems into operational service for the first time, the press service of the Northern Fleet said on Friday.

"The anti-aircraft regiment of the Northern Fleet, stationed in New Zealand and equipped with new S-400 air defense systems, has entered operational service," the fleet said.

An official ceremony was held on this occasion on the island of Yuzhny, in the south of the archipelago of Nouvelle-Zemble.

The top-performing S-400s replace the S-300s

The transition from the S-300 missile systems to the new S-400s "significantly increases the area of ​​controlled airspace in the Arctic," note the military.
The S-400 Triumph (NATO code: SA-21 Growler) is a medium and large-scale ground-to-air missile system designed to shoot down any type of air target: aircraft, drones and hypersonic cruise missiles within a radius of several hundred kilometers.
Russia has been operating these systems in the Far North for several years. S-400s are in service on the Kola Peninsula, washed by the White and Barents seas.


Infographic: Anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic system S-400 Triumph

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