Report: Israel fears an attack on them, such as "Aramco" .. This is what officials concluded


the world.

Israeli officials have expressed fears of carrying out attacks against Israel similar to attacks on Aramco facilities in western Iraq, according to an Israeli television report.

The report, published by the channel "I 24 News," the Israeli, that the attack on Saudi facilities was a warning to the West and Israel, the importance of these attacks and what they are very concerned (officials).

"This offensive capability can also be used against Israel, which requires the security establishment to be prepared to face the threat," the report said.

According to the report, Israeli officials analyzed the results of the attack and reached a number of conclusions, most notably that "the surprise attack in particular, carried out from a relatively long distance at a depth of 650 km", and exploited the measure of force by firing two types of weapons at the heart instead of accurate night attacks.

Iran has shown good intelligence power both by identifying and selecting targets and in determining the course of attack and weapons, according to the report, which points to the ability to penetrate the Saudi air defense system, "despite the billions spent on it throughout the region that have proved ineffective with small and slow means of attack."

Officials concluded that the accuracy of the attack was dramatic and unprecedented with less than three meters, and that they see a country with medium technological capabilities, capable of developing missiles to enable them to carry out relatively long, medium and accurate attacks and effective.

They said that preventing Iran from approaching technology and equipment did not prevent it from developing its own capabilities, pointing to "proven operational capabilities of the Iranians that relied on technological capabilities, intelligence infrastructure and practical coordination."

"Therefore, it can be concluded that the Western monopoly on weapons is assumed to be meticulously dissipated. The countries of the region and Israel have learned a lesson: sensing, detection and deterrence systems are insufficient to meet new threats."

The report said the attack on Saudi oil installations, which Iran has accused of carrying out despite denying the 650-kilometer accusations, could be carried out and targeted any point in Israel from western Iraq.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said Iran is not involved in the attack on Saudi oil facilities and does not have to provide evidence.

He stressed that the attack on the Saudi "Aramco" was from Yemen, warning that if the Yemeni war does not end, there will be much more severe attacks by the Yemenis.

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