Relief sources: "SDF" mobilizes the "beast of Daesh" out of the horror


Relief and health sources in al-Houl camp, which is under the control of the SDF organization, southeast of the Syrian city of al-Hasakah, revealed that the pro-American organization started a plan to instigate and facilitate the security chaos in the camp, which includes about 73 thousand displaced Syrians and (foreign) migrants from the employees. The wives of members of the Islamic State terrorist organization.

The correspondent of "Sputnik" in the province of al-Hasakah: The so-called "Asayish", the security arm of the organization "SDF", loyal to the US military in the east of the Euphrates, killed one of the displaced women in the camp Houl southeast of Hasaka and wounded seven others with varying gunshot wounds Monday, 30 September, with the killing of a member of the "Asayish" in the confrontations between the two parties, in order to create chaos in the camp by "SDF" in preparation for renewed global exploitation.
The correspondent quoted local sources as confirming that the camp is witnessing a state of chaos and disobedience with the imposition of a total curfew within it, especially in the so-called "immigrants" section, women of different nationalities of the wives of members of the "Daesh" terrorist organization.

The sources added that "explosions occurred within the section" immigrants "followed by cheers and a large demonstration of the women of" ISIS ", and then began to hear heavy gunfire by the" Asayish "forces on them, which led to the death of a woman and wounding seven others, while killing a member of the forces" Kurdish Asayish Without knowing how he was killed.

The sources added that elements of the "SDF" and "American coalition" forces surrounded the camp and expelled relief and health workers from the organizations working in the camp, and began shooting indiscriminately, killing a woman from the so-called "immigrants."

In turn, sources working in the field of relief and health within the Sphinx camp told Sputnik, the SDF organization of working to create chaos within the camp, because since the announcement of the US-Turkish agreement to establish a "safe zone" on the Syrian-Turkish border and withdrawal "SDF" From that region, talk about the threat of "IS" again began between its members and detainees in the camp, where he threatened openly to release all "ISIS" and "ISIS" within the camp, in an attempt to draw Europe to support the situation In its negotiations with Turkey, while the latter uses the scarecrow of refugees To get more support from European countries, SDF comes to threaten Europe with its own terrorists.

Relief sources said that the most important question that arises today is how the weapons and explosives arrived in the section "immigrants" in the sphinx in light of the tight guard by the elements of the "SDF", noting that there is no explanation but that the organization wants to renew its appearance as an open war with ISIS terrorist organization in the east of the Euphrates region, which serves to justify the intense grip through which it tries to control the security chaos in (the east of the Euphrates), which is controlled by the US military through the "SDF" militants.

Sources working in the relief field inside al-Houl camp, southeast of al-Hasakah, which is under the control of SDF, revealed to Sputnik correspondent that SDF transported and isolated more than 200 children over the age of ten, including children of ISIS and Different nationalities, others are Syrian orphans and took them to an unknown destination.

Relief sources expressed concern that SDF would transfer these children to one of its camps in the countryside of Al-Malikiyah city, northeast of Al-Hasakah, to recruit them to fight in their ranks, after being subjected to military training on weapons under the supervision of the US-led International Coalition forces.

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