Raptley News Agency has accused Reuters of misrepresentation


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Reuters news agency said Reuters news agency published false information when Iran shot down US drones.

Reuters reported in a news article published after Iran shot down a US drone in June, Sputnik reported. Reuters quoted Air Force Commander Amir Ali Hajizade as quoted in a November 2018 report as quoted by Reuters.

On June 21, Reuters reported that the US Army Corps of Engineers had previously threatened us in the area, but now is an opportunity. They do not rush to war with Iran because they know how vulnerable they are. "

Raptley News Agency noted that Hajizadeh had made the statement on November 21, 2018 on Iran's state-run television channel, and not on a date that Reuters aired as news.

At the same time, newspapers such as the New York Times and Algeria also published the news.

Such serious inaccuracies have raised tensions between Iran and the United States, Raptley News Agency reported.

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