Pretty, but not without danger: red tiara urchin in the Red Sea – video and photos


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Divers have filmed a rather rare species of sea urchin in the Egyptian seaside resort of Hurghada. The video of the beautiful (but not harmless) animal was published on YouTube.

The red tiara urchin, known as Astropyga radiata, looks very unusual and pretty. He is similar rather a colored plant than an animal.

Experts claim that the poison of this creature can give man many unpleasant moments. The underwater enemies of this sea urchin threatened death by its spines.

Astropyga radiata

Astropyga radiata, is a large sea urchin living in shallow waters of the tropical Indo-Pacific. It occurs from the coast of East Africa to Japan, Hawaii and the islands of the southern Pacific at depths of ten to thirty meters.

The red tiara sea urchin reaches a diameter of 20 centimeters, with spines it is 45 centimeters. The color is reddish. The spines are poisonous as with all tiaras and not evenly distributed over the housing, but arranged in bundles. Between the sting bundles are rows of small, blue dots. On the top often shows a large anal bladder, which is whitish and translucent.

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