'Power is strong in my family,' said Ivanka Trump, 'Mark Hamill corrected' Fraud that is strong in you '


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Luke Skywalker did not remain indifferent to the sharing of the famous slogan of Star Wars, Ivanka, the daughter of President Donald Trump, who was struggling with the dismissal process in the United States: You wrote the word 'fraud' incorrectly, 'fraud'.

President Donald Trump, who was the subject of a criminal investigation in the House of Representatives after being officially reported by an intelligence officer in the United States, had a hard time, while his daughter Ivanka received a message of "Power in our family", referring to the slogan of the legendary film series Star Wars. .

Ivanka Trump shared a photo of her husband Jared Kushner with her 3 children on her Twitter account. While one of the children was seen wearing the costume of Star Wars soldiers, Ivanka added, referring to the series's slogan "May the force be with you":

"The Force is strong in my family."

In the avalanche of criticism directed against Trump, he has a special place in appointing his daughter Ivanka as a consultant and his wife Kushner in the White House.

So Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker, one of the main characters in Star Wars, did not remain indifferent to Ivanka's tweet as a Trump dissident.

Ünlü You typed the word 'fraud' wrong, ünlü the famous actor tweeted, implying that Ivanka should actually write 'fraud' instead of 'force'.

Inspired by Twitter for Trumps, "Fraud is strong in our family," Hamill wrapped up a message with rich connotations: '#GoForceYourself'.

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