Pompeo: I give Trump new and confidential information


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The US Secretary of State has new information about an attack on an oil refinery he wants to report to Donald Trump.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday after meeting with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, "I can now provide important information about the attack on Aramco to Trump," Sputnik reported. I will tell the President how to act after these attacks.

In addition, Pompeo promised that the United States would impose additional sanctions on Iran to end Iran's support for terrorism. "Iran is threatening the world," he said. Other penalties will be applied to prevent the protection of terrorism.

As the foreign minister explained, first of all, Iran must stop funding Shiite Hezbollah forces and their allies, supplying missiles in Lebanon and Iraq, and a missile program is needed to ease tensions with Iran. "We are looking for a peaceful solution in the region, while Tehran remains a threat to the war," he said.

Pompeo, which arrived in the UAE the day before it entered Saudi Arabia, also claimed: There is a consensus in the Persian Gulf that Iran is responsible for attacking Saudi oil facilities. "We are here to build a coalition aimed at achieving peace," he said, expressing hope that Iran has the same view as being blamed for supporting the Houthis.

Attack on Saudi Arabia

Two large Saudi Aramco National Petroleum companies were attacked on the night of September 14 in Abaikai and Horis. Houthi rebels from the Ansarollah Yemeni movement claimed responsibility for the attack and claimed to have used 10 UAVs with explosives. The world's largest oil exporter dropped 5.7 million barrels per day from 9.8 million barrels a day as a result of explosions and fires.

Saudi Arabia needs time and repairs to return to its previous production level by October. This incident has caused the largest disruption in fuel production in world history.

On Wednesday, an official from the Saudi Ministry of Defense at a press conference in Riyadh presented parts of the drones and cruise missiles used in the attacks at a press conference in Riyadh and indicated that the missile was from Iran.

It should be noted that Houthis claimed responsibility for the attacks on Saudi Arabia and insisted they did not receive any foreign assistance.

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