Pedersen hopes to visit Damascus next week


the world.

UN special envoy to Syria, Ger Pedersen, announced that he plans to visit Damascus next week.

United Nations – Sputnik. "I hope to visit Damascus at a specific time not this week, but next week. After that I will meet with the National Coalition of the Revolutionary Forces and the Syrian opposition, probably in Riyadh," Pedersen told reporters.

According to him, there will also be several meetings in the Astana formula and a small group on Syria.

Pedersen, during a meeting of the Security Council on Syria on Monday, that the United Nations will publish a list of members of the Syrian Constitutional Commission after the formal approval of all candidates.

"The United Nations will publish a list of 150 members after all candidates are formally approved," Pedersen said.

According to the UN envoy, the committee comprises 50 representatives of civil society, as well as government and opposition candidates. "It was the hardest part of the deal."

"We are proud that nearly half of all civil society representatives are women. Overall, out of 150 people, about 30 percent are women," Pedersen said.

He stressed that a ceasefire throughout Syria is a prerequisite for the political settlement process, saying that "the danger of widening the conflict in Syria remains, and the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of this country remain uncertain."

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