Optical Illusion or Embarrassing Photoshop Fail? Web laughs about blogger with three legs – photo


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An embarrassing Photoshop Fail is currently causing a lot of laughter in the Russian Internet segment. Russian TV presenter and blogger Aljona Wodonajewa posted several photos on Instagram. On one of them she appears to be seen with three legs.

A photograph taken in the state of California shows that the blogger is in a short dress on the steps and there crossed one leg over the other.

"Summery beautiful pictures for you," wrote the blogger.

Some users pointed out that on the first photo under two legs another leg was visible.

"It's unclear, what about the legs? Too much Photoshop ", the user guessed under the nickname viktoriia.iurchenko.

"Two legs good, but three are better," mocked kosulina_chakhoyan.
"A tripod," prodmitrievich wrote.

Aliona Wodonayeva was born in 1982 in the Western Siberian city of Tyumen. Above all, she is known as a participant in the Russian reality show "Dom-2" (House 2) as well as a presenter of the Russian TV channels "REN TV", "DTV" and "MTV".

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