Oktoberfest, the biggest beer festival in Germany conquers the entire world


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The traditional Oktoberfest beer festival has been inaugurated in Munich (Germany) for 186th time, shouting the Bavarian phrase 'O'zapft is'. This year the celebration takes place from September 21 to October 6.

This party brings together millions of beer lovers every year, most of them from Germany, but according to the organizers, about 15% of the guests are foreigners.

The first Oktoberfest took place in 1810 and was held, as the name implies, in the month of October. However, it is now celebrated in September. Why? Well, the explanation is very simple: because of the bad weather in Bavaria. Sometimes it can even snow in October, which would be a problem for those who attend the festival. So the world famous beer celebration He moved to September in 1904.

A large volume of visitors is expected in Munich for this Oktoberfest, with around 6 million people around the world. However, it is not necessary to travel to Germany to celebrate and drink beer: it is a party that has managed to conquer several cities around the globe.


In Mexico City, the Oktoberfest will take place at the Campo Marte del Bosque de Chapultepec on October 19. The organizers promise not only a lot of beer and food, but also a whole small German festival with live music and the opportunity to learn more about the culture of this country.


The Oktoberfest Beer Festival has been held for more than 50 years in the Villa General Belgrano and attracts more than 150,000 participants from all over Argentina and other countries. The festival takes place in the Cervecero Park.

Beer stores and stalls with a variety of snacks are located throughout the park. In the center of the park the stage is placed, where the performances of folk groups and a program of shows are transmitted live. The celebration of its 56th edition will begin on October 4 and will run until the 14th of the same month.


In the United States, the party moved to Cincinnati (Ohio), La Crosse (Wisconsin), San Francisco (California), Las Vegas (Nevada), Mt. Angel (Oregon), among other cities.

                    AFP 2019 / Mike Simons

Oktoberfest festival in Cincinnati, USA

The one in Cincinnati is the most famous and numerous, with about 500,000 people attending the celebration. The inhabitants of Wisconsin are not strangers to German influence, since the state is among those with the highest proportion of German-Americans in the country.

In Las Vegas it starts on September 17 and runs until Halloween, on October 31.

As for Mount Angel, this small community located south of Portland (Oregon) with architecture and landscapes reminiscent of Bavaria was established by German pioneers in the 19th century. The city's Oktoberfest, which began in 1966 as a harvest festival, is now a large festival that attracts more than 350,000 people during 4 days of celebration.


The largest copy of the German Oktoberfest takes place in the Chinese city of Qingdao, in what is known as the Asian Oktoberfest.

                    AFP 2019 / Fred Dufour

The Qingdao Beer Festival, China

Every August, Qingdao hosts the largest beer festival in Asia, with international breweries from all over the world that flock to the shores of this Chinese city in Shandong Province with a German past, since from 1989 to 1914 it was the capital from the German colonial concession of Jiaozhou and became the main Germanic naval base in the East.

Beers from all over the world are present here: Beck's from Germany, Kirin & Asahi from Japan, Carlsberg from Denmark, Crown from Mexico, Heineken from Holland, Tiger from Singapore, Budweiser from the United States and, of course, Tsingtao Beer from China, between others. In addition to beer and thematic pets here there is no lack of food.

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