Newspaper: security alert and unprecedented measures in Kuwait


KUWAIT CITY (Reuters) – Kuwait's security services have entered an unprecedented heightened state of alert and alert about vital facilities in the country on Tuesday, keeping up with current events in the region, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The newspaper quoted follow-up sources that the required security measures are unprecedented, because the situation in the region is deteriorating for the worse, in many fronts of attrition from Yemen to the Arabian Gulf, Iraq and Lebanon, and began in the sinful attack on Saudi oil installations a very serious turn foreshadows a new chapter of the crisis that Iran seeks to improve its terms with new cards.

This comes as the security authorities in Kuwait are conducting the necessary investigations regarding the surveillance of the flight of a drone in areas on the coastal side of Kuwait City, according to the newspaper.

The Council of Ministers directed military and security leaders to tighten security measures around vital sites in the country, and take all measures to preserve the security of Kuwait and citizens and residents on its territory from every danger.

In a press conference held on Monday in this regard, MP Mohammed Al-Dallal said that he asked two questions to the ministers of defense and interior regarding the security breach of the drone, and stressed that "the government is required to take all measures to protect the air, land and sea and provide internal security and prevent the recurrence of the drone incident." .

He continued: "We demanded in the special session on the security situation last May to establish a device for disasters and crises," asking: "What are the state's preparations? Is it limited to sirens?".

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