Netanyahu calls for political and social unity after receiving the commission to form a Government


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JERUSALEM (Sputnik) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for political and social unity after receiving the official commission to form a government from the President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin.

Rivlin announced that he had decided to entrust the formation of the executive to Netanyahu after negotiations to form a unity government between the Likud party, of Netanyahu, and the Blue and White coalition headed by Benny Gantz, had reached a stalemate.

"I have decided to give you, sir, the opportunity to form a government," Rivlin told Netanyahu at the nomination ceremony in Jerusalem.
"I accept the mission he has given me," Netanyahu replied. I do not do it knowing that I have many possibilities to form a government, but rather knowing that my inability to do so is a little less than the inability of Deputy Gantz, since we are both unable to form a government together, "he said.
The prime minister also called for a unity government and that negotiations to form it end quickly.

"The priority is a government of national unity, broad and fast"said Netanyahu, who believes that a national reconciliation is necessary.

"It is vital at all times, but now especially … We have been through a tough election campaign on all sides and for all," said the prime minister.

"We need to unite the nation, heal fractures because we face great challenges," he added.

Rivlin's announcement came after the Likud and Blue and White confirmed that their talks about the formation of a unity government had been broken. Both parties blame each other for failure.
Netanyahu and Gantz met today in the afternoon with the president at their official residence in Jerusalem to discuss the possibility of forming a unity government.

Gantz said he doesn't want to form a government "whose leader is charged", referring to the three cases of corruption for which Netanyahu is charged and for which he could be formally charged.

"This issue, along with other essentials, are more important to us than any discussion about the distribution of ministries or rotation (in the position of prime minister)," Gantz said.

For him, another problem is Netanyahu's insistence on negotiating on behalf of a block of 55 deputies, instead of doing so only on behalf of the Likud.

"Blue and White is committed to the idea of ​​unity. But from our perspective, the proper order would be for the two main parties to negotiate – only them – to reach agreements on substantial issues and on the character of the next Government," Gantz said later. of the appointment of Netanyahu to form cabinet.

Neither the Prime Minister nor Gantz has the support of the 61 deputies needed to have a majority in the Kneset (Israeli Parliament) of 120 deputies.
The Likud now leads a block of 55 deputies, its 32, plus those of religious and ultra-right forces. Azul y Blanco won 33 seats in the elections, but does not have enough support to get a majority.

Anxious to avoid a third election, Rivlin had pressed for the two parties to form a unit executive.

Netanyahu has 28 days to form a coalition. If you don't get it, you can request an additional two weeks from the president.

If it does not finally form a government, the mandate will probably be granted to Gantz.

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