Mohamed Salah embraces Mani in a satirical video before the meeting with Newcastle


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LONDON (Reuters) – Liverpool star Mohamed Salah has posted a satirical video of a virtual embrace between him and his Senegalese colleague Sadio Mane via his Twitter account before the Reds and Newcastle clash on Saturday night.

Salah joked with his colleague Manny in this video after he was raised about the anger of the latter for Salah for not passing the ball in the last Burnley game, which was held in the fourth week of the Premier League, and ended in a victory for Liverpool 3-0.

The comedy video, which won the admiration and comments of many of the pioneers of Twitter, wrote Hakim: "What a shame, Mohamed Salah star met good morals was a symbol of beautiful humanity."

While Walid Khalid wrote: "Ok agree that Salah does not have a dispute .. But what about the position of Sadio will not see any reaction after his anger for now."

The appearance of Club in the video pointing, Qusay said: "Your eye on the York Club."

Video footage showed Mani's emotion as he was substituted at the end of the game against Burnley. It was not clear why Mani showed such anger and anger, while a number of analysts argued that the reason was Salah's "selfishness", who refused to pass the ball.

Premier League leaders Liverpool scored a record 13 consecutive league matches and a 3-0 away win over Burnley to retain a two-point lead over champions Manchester City.

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