Member of the Sudanese Resistance Front: "Identity and Justice" our most important demands


Abdul Aziz Juma Danforth, a member of the leadership council of the United Sudanese Resistance Front, said that the "Bashir regime" has not fallen and that those who manage the scene are his students. It has not changed much and violations are still going on in Darfur and many Sudanese areas until the demands made for the revolution are fulfilled. At the forefront is "identity, justice and the question of governance".

The member of the leadership of the Front in a telephone conversation with "Sputnik", on Monday, that "the resistance forces are now divided into two parts, one of them alliance or dialogue with the status quo to gain gains and the other part refuses to give up his rights, so the resistance front was one of the means of expression Those rights for which thousands of victims were killed. "
Danforth continued: "The Front includes a number of Sudanese forces and movements, including the Liberation Forces and the Sudan Liberation Movement and the Popular Front, and we are working hard to unite all the ranks of resistance under the banner of the Front until we reach the desired change to reform the country and the formation of a full civil rule and a constitution with a national identity deals with The people on the basis of citizenship, not sectarian and racial division. "

The United Resistance Front, issued its first statement on September 17, saying that "those who control the reins of things now, is responsible for any crime against a Sudanese citizen, as the front is monitoring what is happening in the area" Mercing "and other areas Around the whole of Darfur, there are continuing massacres and violations, despite the attempt of some to claim the fall of the regime. "

In its first statement, the Front stressed the need to unite all the Sudanese resistance factions within the framework of the United Sudanese Resistance Front in order to achieve the objectives of the resistance and the Sudanese revolution.

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