Member of the Independent Electoral Monitoring Authority of Algeria: This is our only fear of holding elections


Hifnaoui Benamir Ghoul, a member of Algeria's Independent Electoral Observation Authority, said the authority began its work after taking the oath two days ago.

He said in special statements to "Sputnik", on Thursday, that the privileges granted to the independent authority on the mechanism of work, were granted to seven ministries in the past, in addition to the Directorate of Security and the Ministry of National Defense.
He explained that the work carried out by the Authority is to supervise the vote and count, review lists, receive candidates' files, monitor the election campaign and announce the results.

Highlights of concerns

Concerning the fears facing the independent authority to monitor the elections, Ben Ammar believes that the greatest fear for the authority at the moment is the "electoral abstention", and that he demanded through the media platforms during the last period of the presence of force in the ranks of the elections, especially after the removal of fears that were related to the obsession with fraud To the Algerian people.

What are the guarantees?

He stressed that the authority stressed that the votes are under good hands, and that there will be no interference on its part, and that coordination between the authority and the relevant ministries is conducted on an ongoing basis only on coordination, without interfering in any measures that affect the votes of the Algerian people.

He stressed that the Authority will stand against attempts to fraud, so that there will be no fraud in the electoral process, especially as the independent authority has granted all the powers so that there will be no interference in its work from any party without interference from the government.

The first citizen to announce his candidacy

Earlier, Rachik Khodir, a leader of the Algerian "Peace" party, announced his candidacy for the Algerian presidential elections.

He appeared in a video clip posted on the site "YouTube", announces his decision to run for the elections scheduled for December 12 next, becoming the first candidate for the presidential election.

Call the Electoral College

Algerian President Abdelkader Bensalah called on the voters to hold presidential elections on December 12th.

In February, weekly mass protests forced former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to step down. After the vacancy of the presidency, the Algerian parliament, in his two chambers, declared Abdelkader Bensalah as interim head of state.

On Tuesday (September 17th), members of Algeria's Independent National Electoral Authority (INEC) were sworn in before a judge in the Algiers district council, authorizing the commencement of their functions.

In a statement on the sidelines of the swearing-in, Mohamed Cherfi, head of the Independent National Electoral Authority, said that the aim of the Independent Electoral Authority is to get Algeria out of the dark tunnel, adding that the authority "will contribute to the completion of the state of law and law and the building of institutions". The East "Algerian.

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