Meet the leading bodyguards of Arab leaders


The safety of presidents and leaders is one of the most difficult tasks of any private guards in the world, the bodyguard is the closest person to these presidents, by virtue of his security responsibility.

The shadow of King Mohammed VI

He is the shadow of the king in the land.All people know his name and shape.He Aziz Aziz Al-Jaidi, 46 years old, “ King Cardcourt ''.

He joined the guards of the late King Hassan II, but after making mistakes that shifted from guarding the king to guarding Crown Prince Mohammed bin Hassan, after the death of Hassan II, Aziz jumped to find himself from the bodyguard of the crown prince to the bodyguard of King Mohammed VI in 1999.

Hassan Nasrallah, who does not smile nicknamed "Shield of the Master"

Hassan Nasrallah's upright guards steal the limelight in the look, and Abu Ali Jawad, Sayyed's bodyguard, is one of those guards Nasrallah entrusts to his life.

He is the husband of Nasrallah's daughter and commander of his bodyguard.

A top-level guard in the guard, where he spent long periods of training inside secret camps in Tehran in the 1990s amid the training of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

He is one of 19 officers in the Special Guard Service, nicknamed "Shield of the Master," and is very popular with the resistance.

The Israeli press attaches special importance to him, has a handsome childish face and does not laugh.

Female guards Gaddafi Belle

Aisha Abdel Salam Mohamed Ali revealed the secret of Gaddafi's inclusion of women that he wants to portray to the world that Libyan women enjoy the same rights as men, and he has always preferred unmarried women to devote themselves to this job.

"I was one of the highest women officers in the army, a member of the Libyan Revolutionary Guards, and until recently I was responsible for the most famous female guards in the world," said Colonel Aisha.

She pointed out that Gaddafi always wanted to be accompanied by three women permanently, when going anywhere in Libya, but he was requesting a fourth guard on his trips abroad, saying: "I was the one who chooses Gaddafi guards, and the girls were very happy when I choose one of them For Gaddafi's syndrome. "

On the standard of beauty for Gaddafi said Aisha: "Beauty was not the basic criterion, but the basic criterion that the girl is tall, so appear behind the Gaddafi high and brown, and may allow a little makeup."

Abdulaziz Al-Fagham, the custodian of King Salman

Abdulaziz was appointed guardian of the king after the death of his father at the age of 47, of whom 30 spent accompanying the then Saudi king.

Abdul Aziz has received many courses in thunderbolt and international courses in securing VIPs.

He was appointed to the guard of the late King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, for 10 years, and continued to graduate until he became his bodyguard, and in 2007 received an exceptional promotion to the rank of brigade, from King Salman, and was awarded the best bodyguard in the world, by World Academy Organization in 2017.

Abdul Aziz al-Fagham held many titles, such as the shadow of kings, the crutch of the homeland, and the custodian of the faithful.

Al-Fagham was killed at dawn last Sunday, and the Saudi Interior Ministry announced that al-Fagham was killed, in addition to the culprit, and wounded two civilians and five security men after shooting in the city of Jeddah, western Saudi Arabia.

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