Main forces of IS and "Dschebhat an-Nusra" in Syria battered – Moscow


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The main forces of the terrorist organizations "Islamic State" * and "Hai'at Tahrir ash-sham" (formerly "Dschebhat an-Nusra" *) in Syria have been smashed, according to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin. The fight against the terrorist herd in this country, including in Idlib, but must continue.

"The Syrian people have a decisive victory, including with the support of Russia, achieved over terrorism. Today, the main forces of the 'Islamic State', Djebhat an-Nusra, whatever their name is, and other groups classified as terrorist by the UN Security Council have been destroyed. The eradication of terrorism, including a herd like Idlib, needs to continue, with maximum concern for the lives and safety of civilians, "Verkhvin said Monday at a UN Security Council session.

civil war in Syria

The province of Idlib is the last area still controlled by Islamists in Syria.

The civil war in Syria has been ongoing since 2011. In 2018, the victory over the "Islamic State" in Syria was announced. In some areas of the country, however, military operations are still being conducted against remaining terrorist groups. Now there is the political settlement of the conflict, the reconstruction of Syria and the return of the refugees in the foreground of political negotiations.

* Terrorist organization, banned in Russia

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