Lieberman: We decide who will be the next Israeli prime minister


the world.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Former defense minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Tuesday after the election results that no coalition would succeed without his party and that he would decide the prime minister.

"No coalition will succeed without Israel Beitenu," Lieberman was quoted as saying by the Israeli media. "We will decide who will be the next Israeli prime minister."

The preliminary results of the Israeli Knesset elections, earlier on Tuesday, the progress of the coalition "Blue White" with 33 seats, while the party "Likud" 31 seats, while the Arab list got 13 seats.

Channel 13 reported that the Likud Party won 31 seats, the White Blue Alliance – 33, the Joint List – 13, the Yisrael Beiteinu Party – 8, the right-wing list – 8, the Yedoret Yehudah Party – 8, "Shas" – 9, the Democratic Camp – 6, and the coalition "Labor – Gesher" – 6 ".

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