Learn about the expected punishment for the torture of his child in Saudi Arabia


After the security authorities in Saudi Arabia announced the arrest of the person who appeared in a video circulating torturing a baby girl, the site of "Al-Arabiya" revealed the punishment that awaits him.

Bandar al-Amoudi, the legal advisor, said in an interview with Al-Arabiya TV that "the abuser was seized and handed over to the Public Prosecution and the indictment was referred to the criminal court to download the disciplinary punishment assessed by the judge, according to the case and in accordance with article 13. Abuse Protection System.

He pointed out that the Saudi law stipulates that "shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not less than one month, and not more than one year, and a fine of not less than five thousand riyals, and not more than 50,000 riyals, or one of these penalties for anyone who has already committed a form of crime In the event of return, the penalty shall be doubled, and the Court may issue an alternative penalty for the deprivation of liberty. "

For his part, lawyer Abdul Aziz bin Patel said that the Public Prosecution is investigating this violence, and if all the evidence is collected, the indictment is issued and the accused is referred to the criminal court. "The verdict shall be issued after hearing the case and the defense of the accused and examining all the evidence. Of the gravity of the crime and the circumstances of the incident in the light of the child protection system and the protection system against abuse. "

The Riyadh police said in a statement that "with reference to the video circulation through social media, for a person torturing his 3-year-old girl, the search and investigation procedures led to the identification, a resident of the Palestinian nationality in the fourth decade, where he was arrested In Casablanca, south of the capital Riyadh, and provide the necessary care for his children, numbering four children, in coordination with the concerned authorities, and take regular action against him.

The spokesman of the Riyadh police, that "the Ministry of Interior affirms the concern for the security of the homeland and the citizen and the resident, and that the security authorities will work with all force and firmness and strictness to deter all begging him to prejudice the security of society and the safety and stability, and God is the guide to both way."

For his part, the girl's father apologized and revealed the circumstances of the video that documented the incident and spread on social media, provoking widespread anger in Saudi Arabia.

The young man, in a video with his own daughter, said that the incident was old and that he was trying to teach her to walk while he was in a psychological state. He added that his daughter is now walking and is in good health. He is currently caring for four children because their mother left them, he said.

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