Kosovo receives new support from the EU – It's about energy security


Kosovo has new support from the EU. This time it will be about strengthening the energy security of the self-declared state – and for better climate balance.

According to the press office of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), the Kosovo Government is to receive support from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in the development and introduction of a renewable energy auction system. It should in particular to go for new solar and wind capacities,

According to the idea, the support should help the country to strengthen renewable energies and reach its climate goals. These include the plan to bring renewable energies to a share of 25 percent of total consumption by 2020.

In addition, Kosovo wants to install an additional capacity of 400 MW by 2026. This corresponds to about a quarter of the total electricity requirement. Kosovo currently has a renewable energy capacity of 102.4 MW. Of this, 70 MW are for small hydropower and 32.4 MW for a wind turbine in the east of the country.

As part of these goals, another wind farm with a capacity of 105 MW is currently being built in northern Kosovo.

As the "Windfair" portal, which specializes in wind energy topics, writes, the EBRD's mandate includes the review of existing materials used for the Development of renewable energy in Kosovo the creation of an auction system, the preparation of the documents required for the first round, and the support of the authorities in the process of importing and executing the auction.

It will also publish a call for tenders from the EBRD looking for consultants for the development of the auction system.

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