Karoui spokesman: Ennahda is behind the confusion of the scene to control the legislative elections in Tunisia


Hatem al-Maliki, spokesman for presidential candidate Nabil Karoui, said the request for the release of Nabil Karoui, who is running for the second round of presidential elections, is expected to be considered on October 1.

"After rejecting all appeals on the first round of elections at the appeal level, Nabil Karoui has become the official rival of the second candidate Qais Said, which requires his release to run," he told Sputnik on Monday.
He explained that it would be difficult to hold presidential elections in the absence of a candidate, and that the issue of the strike of judges in Tunisia is not problematic, especially as the judiciary is working on urgent cases, and that some of the urgent sessions were held, last week, and the release of the accused is urgent cases.

"The strike should not be seen as an acceptable argument in the case of the villager," he said.

With regard to the legislative elections, he explained that the "Heart of Tunisia" party is running in all the constituencies, but Ennahda is trying to confuse the scene by arresting the villager to obtain results in the legislative elections.

"We hold the ruling coalition of Ennahda and Long live Tunisia responsible for what has happened in all past stages, including trying to change the electoral law and confusing the electoral process with judicial interference."

Appeal denied

The administrative court in Tunisia decided to reject all appeals against appeals, which were submitted by five candidates against the results of the presidential elections.

The head of the Court's liaison unit, Imad al-Ghabri, told Sputnik that the plenary session had rejected all demands to resume appeals against the results of the presidential elections submitted by Seif Eddine Makhlouf, Youssef Chahed, Naji Djelloul, Hatem, Boulbiar and Salim Riahi.

Following the rejection of these appeals, it is expected that today or tomorrow, the Higher Independent Electoral Commission of Tunisia will officially announce the final results of the first round of the presidential elections to be announced the official date for the second round of the presidential elections, which is supposed to be on 13 October 2019, As announced by the Commission earlier.

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