It is impossible for terrorists to cross the border between Iraq and Syria


Anbar provincial council member, Eid Ammash al-Karbouli, said in a special statement to Sputnik correspondent in Iraq on Monday that security measures were put in place by the Iraqi and Syrian sides at the newly opened border crossing to prevent terrorists from crossing.

Al-Karbouli explained about the attempts of the elements of the terrorist organization "Daesh" to infiltrate from Syrian territory, to Iraq, through the port between the two countries in Al-Qaim, west of Anbar, west of the country, saying:

Terrorists do not infiltrate through the outlets, they do not risk this way, and if they want to infiltrate across the long 625-kilometer long border, perhaps through the sometimes looseness of the border – though the situation is secure and good on the part of Iraq today.

Karbouli added that the existing border port – Albukamal, is provided with a database on the Iraqi and Syrian sides, the names of the wanted terrorists.

He added that the databases will have more than one security entity in the port, in addition to security tightening, with more than one calculator for the purpose of checking the names and information of arrivals, and outgoing to and from Iraq through the port with Syria.

Iraq opened on Monday its only border crossing with the Syrian side, with the participation of senior officials from both countries, amid protection and a very large security engagement, after several years of delay and closure.

In a special statement to our correspondent, Sputnik, Iraq, last Saturday, September 28, all the logistical procedures for the reopening of the border crossing with Syria were completed on Monday, 30 June.

Gedian explained that the rehabilitation and opening of the border crossing (Al-Qaim-Albukamal) linking with Syria, in western Anbar, western Iraq, has been completed, and the port is ready to receive and leave passengers and trucks.

Gedian noted that the opening of the port will be with the participation of a Syrian delegation, on Monday, after the approval of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, who in turn instructed the head of the border crossing points, to reopen the port with Syria.

He highlighted the gains of the port, Gedian told us, that it will achieve a significant economic gain for the Qaim in particular, Anbar, and Iraq in general, and as a first stage will work on the employment of large numbers.

He continued, and the opening of the port, will work to operate all sectors in the Qaim, restaurants, shops, and is a great opportunity for the judiciary to benefit from trade exchange with the Syrian side.

Gedian continued: "The number of labor is rising in the light of trucks entering through the port, which will need workers to unload their cargo, especially since there is a yard for trade exchange."

At the end of his speech, the mayor of the Qaim district with Syria pointed out an agreement concluded between the Iraqi and Syrian sides that Syrian trucks would unload their cargo in the exchange yard, as would the Iraqi trucks on the Syrian side. Other.

The head of the border outlets, Kazem Mohammed Prisam al-Oqabi, announced last Friday, September 27, that Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi agreed, to open the port of Qaim border next Monday.

Al-Oqabi confirmed in a statement seen by "Sputnik", the readiness of the port for the passage of passengers and also for commercial exchange.

Al-Qaim crossing in Anbar province, western Iraq, was liberated from ISIS in November 2017, and its reopening was postponed several times because it was not rehabilitated.

It was scheduled to reopen the border crossing between Al-Qaim and the Syrian Albukamal, on September 1, but postponed until further notice, because some logistical procedures due to the availability of electric power and some requirements were not completed, until the Prime Minister approved the opening on Monday September 30.

The Iraqi border outlets announced in March that the Al-Qa'im crossing on the Iraqi-Syrian border would be fully rehabilitated.

Syria is linked to Iraq with three border crossings, two of which are under the control of US forces. The other is the Al-Walid-Al-Tanf crossing, which is directly controlled by US and British forces.

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