Iran and Saudi Arabia … What is happening behind the scenes?


Topics: Has the Syrian crisis become a new regional and international approach? Hundreds of dead, wounded and thousands of prisoners in the largest lure of the Saudi-led coalition forces … Is the Yemeni war nearing its end?

Syrian file

Syria is currently experiencing an important qualitative leap towards ending the war, especially on the political scene by consolidating its diplomatic and political positions on the international arena, which was reflected in its participation in the General Assembly of the United Nations.

United States.

The messages of Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem were addressed accurately to all forces responsible for the crisis in his country for nearly nine years, stressing that Damascus is determined to exercise its right to pursue the fight against terrorism in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and the liberation of its geography from all illegal forces occupied parts of its territory, specifically the United States. And Turkey.

In parallel, work is underway to follow up the formation of a committee to discuss the Syrian constitution with the official Syrian assertion that no one was allowed to interfere even with one word in the Syrian constitution.

Writer and political analyst Ahmed Sawan considered during an interview to our radio that the speech of the teacher before the General Assembly of the United Nations is a speech before the declaration of victory.

On the mechanism of work of the Constitutional Committee, Sawan said: "I believe that we can really reach a developed constitution by setting the terms of reference for the work of the committee, and the mechanism and structure on which it was built and agreed with the United Nations as facilitator of the work of the committee." The current Syrian constitution is one of the best constitutions in the world. "

Sawan said that "after the discussion of the current constitution and its amendment will be formed another committee or emanate from the existing committee, in order to draft it on a sovereign and legal basis, and therefore there is a proposal for this constitution for a public referendum, which will be put to be discussed by the people.

Sputnik correspondent in the central region, Basil Shartouh, said during a telephone conversation with our program: "The remaining enclaves of the Islamic State (banned in Russia), located in Badia al-Sokhna, yesterday tried to attack a Syrian army position near the city of Sokhna and the town of Shouneh, simultaneously. With Israeli air strikes, they have targeted Iranian positions in this area, but the main aim of the raids and attacks is to disrupt the opening of the Al-Qaim Albukamal strategic crossing, especially as these groups were moved across the Israeli-Jordanian border towards Al-Tanf area under clear US supervision yesterday.

Yemen War: Operation Najran

The Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman Brigadier Yahya Serai announced the operations that took place on the Najran axis, describing it as "the largest lure of enemy forces and deceived deceived since the beginning of the aggression, and it is a qualitative operations in terms of planning, size, fire density and geographical area."

Head of the Prisoners' Committee in Sana'a Abdul-Qader Al-Murtada confirmed that the UN initiative to hand over prisoners will be implemented on Monday under the supervision of the United Nations.

The Secretary General of the Islamic Renewal Party, Mohammed Al Masari, said in an interview with our radio that "the calls of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to resolve the crisis in Yemen politically is only an attempt to show himself as a statesman."

"The only solution is for Saudi Arabia to declare a unilateral ceasefire, but this step, in the opinion of the Saudi opposition, will show Riyadh as the loser in the war," he added.

Saudi – Iranian dispute

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said during a press conference: "There is always an opportunity to resolve differences through dialogue, and there are many countries that seek to bridge the views between Tehran and Riyadh, Iran announced that it welcomes these initiatives and is ready to take them seriously, but the other side It builds on empty illusions and does not accept these initiatives. "

For his part, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said after his visit to the Kingdom that "Iraq and the Kingdom agreed on the importance of calm in the region, which all parties are aware of the importance of adherence and activation, as well as the importance of the role played by Iraq in this area."

Iranian writer and political expert Ibrahim Hamdi Sher said in an interview with "No Chains" that Saudi Arabia, having lost half of its production due to the qualitative strike carried out by the Yemeni army on Aramco and then captured about three thousand Saudi soldiers in the operation of Najran, realized that it had lost and got involved in Yemen. It is losing $ 2 billion a day there, so it is now begging Iran, which has said it has no problem in dialogue with Saudi Arabia.

"Saudi Arabia will respond to Iran's condition because Saudi Arabia wants to get out of the Yemeni stalemate, which has put itself in it, and has no way out other than Iran, which has good relations with the Yemenis. The region as a whole, and Iran can get Saudi Arabia out of this predicament. "

Prepared and presented by: Nawaf Ibrahim and Nagham Kabbas

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