Innovative Russian Vaccines for Iran: Unique, Accurate and Approved in Time


The Russian pharmaceutical industry has made great strides in recent years.

The Russian pharmaceutical industry has not only reached a level of self-sufficiency in the field of import substitution project but has also shown export potential internationally.

According to the Russian Export Center, the country exports $ 3 million a year in pharmaceuticals and drugs.

Specialty in this field is dedicated to the production of immunological drugs and vaccines, which not only used the former Soviet countries and Latin America, but also demonstrated their quality and influence in the Middle East market.

The leading Russian company involved in the production of immunological drugs and vaccines "Petrovax Farm" for the first time opened a new perspective for Russia-Iran interaction in the field of pharmacy. In 2009, the company signed a trilateral agreement with leading Iranian pharmaceutical companies Sobhan Recombinant Protein and Arvin Biopharma LTD to produce locally produced Russian influenza vaccines "Grip Plus" in Iran for three years.

Yelena Arkhangelskaya, Former President of Petrovaks Pharmacy It should be noted that all vaccines manufactured by GMP have:

"The first vaccine was sent to Iran in year 3. At that time there were over 6,000 doses that passed all clinical trials and were registered in Iran. Especially for this task we have prepared packages and instructions for Persians for Iranians. We also designed a silhouette and a special symbol consisting of two Russian and Iranian flags with a bird. This bird is a symbol of our countries' cooperation in immunology. The core of the work is the creation of a complete vaccine production technology cycle at the St. Petersburg Antigen Vaccine and Serum Institute. "The quality of these antigens is clinically proven to comply with world-class standards, such as what is available to global pharmaceutical giants Abbott."

Archangelskaya recalled the huge potential of the Iranian market for Made in Russia vaccines, stating: "Currently, the market in Iran for us is 1.5 million doses. The population is approximately 2 million. So it is understandable that the potential in Iran is very high. But there is a rule: "If local production is available, you will have 2% of the market in this country. "In fact, the government has decided not to include it in the national vaccination calendar until it has its own local product."

Ali Bamdad, Sales Manager of Arvin Biopharma LTD In an interview with Sputnik, he describes the attractions of the Russian drug "Grip +" in the Iranian pharmaceutical market:

"We had suggestions from the Ministry of Health and other government agencies that have a lot of interaction with Russia. In fact, the high quality technology of vaccine production and the use of safe elements in it, such as the "grape +" polyoxide, have attracted much attention from Iranian physicians. "

Earlier this morning, he noted that the Grip + drug was not only important for vaccination in Iran, but also more effective than other international vaccines, the Russian medication, and had no dangerous side effects: It is individual and we have not seen anything like it. Grip + is currently the most innovative and unique drug. Using this vaccine, which has completely passed all clinical trials in our country, can prevent serious complications caused by influenza and at the surface not only is it healthy but also financially sound. It’s also economical. ”

The points raised in this article are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Sputnik editorial board.

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