If you want to live long, you have to have inspiration – russian gerontologist


Inspiration for a long life is needed, says leading Russian gerontologist and geriatrician Valery Novosjolov. This includes the will to live and the joy of life. This is characteristic for intellectuals. One should continue to work as long as possible, for example writing a book about his life.

This allows us to find out what we have lived for, he said in the Sputnik conversation during the presentation of his book "Why We Are Aging". The good state of mind and the interest in life produce one of the most important geroprotectors ("aging prevention"), a substance that increases life expectancy. In his opinion, that represents Aging the temporal form of life dar. "Because the organism is constantly evolving. In a steady state, no life is possible. Life is aging. It can be stopped just about the stoppage of life itself. The aging process is a given. For this, even a new technical term has emerged: 'Apoptosis', 'Laubfall', the genetically programmed suicide of the cells. "
When December is here, the fall of leaves can not be stopped, the researchers say. This also applies to old age: running makes it difficult and the memory subsides. Although training is healthy, it does not change much, says the geriatrician. "One exception is the brain, the brain. The 'primary stem cells' that provide youth are activated through exercise. With university degree you live longer than without. But even longer live scientists, such as professor title. Academicians also live longer, every thirtieth of them are older than 90. Nobel laureates live longest, with them being every sixth. Harpists live just as long. "

Particularly unpleasant problems cause us with increasing age just our brain, so the gerontologist further. "Our memory and all sorts of higher cortical functions are often so severe that even with normal aging this can cause a disorder (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease). Not only will one not be able to lead a full life, but one must constantly seek medical help. "

Today there are about 500,000 people worldwide over 100, the 65-year-olds account for about 650 million and by 2050 will be about two billion three times as many. In his book, Novosyolov writes: "If you count on a long life because your own mother or grandmother has reached 90 years, you are not quite right. Longevity is mainly determined by lifestyle, while the influence of genes makes up 10 percent. The main thing, one finds life exciting. However, the basis for longevity is still created in youth, according to one of the most important doctors of ancient Galen. "

The formula that Novosyolov has developed over the past 30 years of age research reads: "It is more important to live dignified than long. Fill your life with meaning, and it will take longer. In Japan, a country where many live long, people remain on milder start stages of aging and still try to make money. But that can not be continued to the end. "

                    Sputnik / Nikolai Jolkin

Valery Novosjolov signs his book

For a long life, the geriatrist recommends to refrain from shift work, in which the bedtime changes. "When I take a patient over 90 with dementia, I normalize his sleep pattern for now, because the Sleep is an important state of adjustment, For life, the sleep-wake cycle is important as well as the consideration of physiological cycles – the daily, annual cycle, etc. Consequently, you have to go to bed at the same time, because if you change the time again, it also changes your own rhythms . "

Does urban life depend on aging?

A big city means bad environmental situation, noise pollution, stress and little tolerance each other, so the gerontologist. "However, most centenarians live according to the Russian statistics office Rosstat not in the Caucasus, as it is generally believed in this country, but in Moscow and Petersburg. As of January 1, 2016, according to the census and subsequent evaluation, there were 4,135 people over the age of 100 in Moscow. A year later there were 5300 already. Today there are even more. In general, the number of people over 100 in Russia has reached 17,000, the level of the former Soviet Union. "
However, you live longer in Europe than in Russia, because you live better there, underlines Nowossjolow. "In Russia, the current life expectancy of 73.65 years is far below the life expectancy of our European neighbors. Socio-economic factors play a role here. It is our special way. We have never lived long. "He also sets an example. Among the doctors of Lenin were seven Germans, two Swedes and 21 Russians, all world-renowned professors. Nevertheless, the Russians reached an average age of 68 and the foreigners of 80.5 years.

60-year-old Russian citizens also have more illnesses, the geriatrician notes sadly. "The syndrome of muscle wasting, of skeletal muscle loss is in this country seven to eight years earlier than in Europe. And aging starts earlier. It can be calculated when the first neurotic syndrome has been reported, such as senility, with which aging begins. In general are the Russians are older in the same phase of life than our European neighbors. "

Furthermore, Novosyolov pointed out that the fear of death is the most important fear in everyone's life. "The opposite also happens when a person wishes for death himself. All serious conversations in life, especially the finiteness of life, are part of life itself. But death can not rob life of its meaning. But the fear of imminent death can rob one's life, both directly and figuratively. On the one hand, one understands that the internalization of death is one of the main factors of human evolution, but on the other hand it does not want to believe it. "

Recommendations of the geriatrician

"Try to reach the formal age limit of 60 years with the minimum of disease and in good functional condition, in the best possible physical form. This goal in itself helps you to do the groundwork for a healthy and active longevity. Loneliness is an enemy of old people. A lonely person has no one to turn to in an emergency. I advise you, do not stay alone, look for company. The risk of injury must also be kept to a minimum. "
In contrast, Novosjolow is in terms of Diet quite generous: "Sure, you should not eat raisin slices every day. But if you are active, you can afford both fat and salty and sweet on a regular basis, because the joy in life is also a good geroprotector. If one prefers healthy food to the tasty one, that means that old age is already there. Richard Gere once said, "Aging is thought to be a sunset, as it is a sunset in nature. But there are downfalls where you stop and watch '. "

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