How to Cook Yazd + Historic Square Historical Clock + Video


Karmar Square in Yazd is a symbol of the coexistence of Zoroastrians and Muslims in the city, which is constantly tuned once a week.

According to Sputnik, the Ferdowsi clock, which is known as the Markar clock, is known as the Markar clock, which is located in the Yazd Square. According to researchers, the site of the monument is located in central Iran, which is tuned once a week and has been listed as part of the National Monument Collection. According to the Director General of Cultural Heritage, the marker clock engine is on top of a wooden staircase that has remained healthy for about 80 years and is still tuned every week. The engine of this watch is made by English company J. Smith and the boys.

The Markar Square Complex, the Markar High School and the Markar Orphanage were built at the expense of the Zoroastrian Dusabai Markar. Markar clock with a square plan and 4 meters high was built in the field near the cultural center of Markar in Yazd and was put into operation in year 6. Markar's clock is reminiscent of Ferdowsi and is also decorated with poems by a local poet. Here's how to tune this watch.

Many users who visit this watch admire this monument and recommend it to others.

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