His mother was able to write the lecture …



A student at the University of Georgia was in an embarrassing situation when she had to bring her child with her to a lesson, so that her teacher would carry the child as she explained the lesson.

A biology professor in Lawrenceville, Georgia, carried a child during the class so that the mother could write notes.

According to her teacher that the student contacted her late on the night of the lecture to tell her absent nanny and the inability to attend, to ask the teacher about the possibility of bringing the child with her to the class, the teacher agreed.

But during the lecture the child kept moving, and it was difficult for the student to carry her son and write at the same time.

To ask the teacher to give her the child, to take a white coat, to use to tie the child on her back, and then to continue to explain the lesson, to sleep the child on the back of the teacher, which continued to explain the lesson.

His mother continued to write the lecture without any problems, and the teacher said that she understands the situation as a mother.

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