"Glimmer of hope" … Saudi Arabia talks about developments in Syria


Saudi Arabia today announced its stance on the agreement to form the Syrian Constitutional Committee and to begin its work to draft a constitution for the country in line with Security Council resolution 2254.

Saudi Arabia welcomed the move. Saudi Arabia's permanent representative to the United Nations, Abdullah bin Yahya al-Muallimi, said it was a pivotal step forward to a "long-awaited political solution that could end the suffering of the Syrian people and ensure the safe return of refugees."

Speaking at a UN Security Council meeting in New York on Monday to discuss the political situation in Syria, al-Muallami stressed that what was announced earlier this week on the committee "sends a glimmer of hope about the situation in Syria."

Al-Muallimi said that Saudi Arabia "calls for ensuring the safe return of refugees in accordance with international and UN standards and calls on the international community to unite in supporting the efforts of the United Nations and the UN envoy to reach the desired political solution in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2254 with the importance of respecting the sovereignty of Syrian territory."

He pointed out that the Syrian negotiating body, with the testimony of all parties, showed cooperation with the Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General for Syria, non-Pederson, stressing the support of Saudi Arabia for his efforts.

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