'Germany's climate package will cost 4-5 billion euros annually'


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Johannes Kahrs, a member of the Bundestag of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, said Germany's climate protection package would initially cost the German government 4-5 billion euros each year.

Kahrs, the German First Television channel ARD said in a statement, Germany's new climate package will initially cost the German government 4-5 billion euros each year, he said.

Kahrs, who argues that the state should help narrow and middle-income families to avoid additional burdens in climate protection measures, pointed out that incentives should be given to them when buying cars and improving their heating systems.

Kahrs reminded that Germany has money in the climate and energy fund, said that it can use and allocate a place for climate in the budget to avoid introducing new taxes.

The new climate, including the extension of incentives for electric cars and charging stations of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Christian Social Union (CSU) of the CDU and its junior partner in Bavaria (CSU) and the improvement of the heating systems of buildings package is expected to release on September 20.

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