Germany welcomes today's accession of Moscow to the Paris Climate Agreement


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The Federal Foreign Office of Germany on Monday welcomed the decision of Russia to ratify the Paris Climate Agreement.

"The Federal Foreign Office welcomes Russia's accession to the Paris Climate Change Agreement. We want a carbon-neutral world by 2050. We can only do that if everyone pulls together, "the agency said in a Twitter message.

Germany stands ready to help Russia reduce CO2 emissions.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a government decision to ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change, he said Monday in Moscow. The agreement is currently binding for 186 countries.

The Paris Climate Agreement, the first global agreement on the climate, was signed in December 2015. It includes an action plan to stop global warming. The agreement does not foresee the abandonment of fossil fuels and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. However, all participants are obliged to take measures to reduce harmful emissions, to adapt to technical changes and to adapt to climate change.

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