Gas leak in the Treviso district of Paris, evacuation and cordon cordon – images


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Residents of several buildings were evacuated and a security perimeter established in the Treviso district in Paris, announced the firefighters.

A security perimeter was established and residents evacuated due to a gas leak Monday night in Paris, in the Treviso district (IX), where a spectacular explosion had left four dead and 66 wounded in January, said firefighters.

About thirty firefighters were on site with agents of the Gaz de France (GDF) network in the ninth arrondissement to circumscribe the leak, told AFP the spokesman of the Paris Fire Brigade (BSPP) , Lieutenant-Colonel Gabriel More.

"We evacuated floors of several buildings potentially affected by the leak, and established a wide enough security perimeter" affecting several streets and where traffic is cut, he added.

The leak was spotted a few dozen meters from where, on rue de Treviso, an explosion had killed four people – including two firefighters – and 66 wounded on the morning of 12 January. It could come from one or two buildings located between Ambroise Thomas Street and the city of Treviso, where the gas was cut, said Lieutenant-Colonel Plus.

"It's been an hour now that it is barred," said in the early evening on the spot at AFP a resident of rue Richer, blocked by the cordon of safety. "It's really not reassuring after what happened," he added.

Just after the explosion in January, which blew the facades of several adjacent streets and destroyed some buildings, the first elements of the investigation had evoked a possible gas leak. But the exact origin has so far not been officially established.

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