Foreign Minister of Colombia: dossier error against Venezuela is only "a matter of design"


BOGOTÁ (Sputnik) – Colombian Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo downplayed some wrong photographs that are part of a dossier that President Iván Duque delivered last week to the UN, and in which he points to the Venezuelan Government to host terrorist groups, and said it was just a matter of design.

"It is just a matter of design and recognition of credits in the captions," Trujillo said in press statements, his office said.

The official announced that the document will be updated through the exclusive use of photos belonging to the Public Force.

"What matters here is the very serious threat of the regime of (Nicolás) Maduro to peace, security and stability in Colombia and in the region. You cannot divert attention from the main to the accessory, we cannot be distracted." he added.
On September 26, in New York, Duke handed over to the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, a 128 page dossier which, he said, "contains the body of evidence that demonstrates the complicity of the Nicolás Maduro regime with the terrorist cartels that threaten the Colombian people."
He also said that the document demonstrates that at least twenty dissidents of the former Colombian guerrillas of the FARC and that they have just announced their rearmament "today reside freely in several cities of Venezuela", and that more than 1,400 members of the rebel group National Liberation Army (ELN) control 207 locations in the Caribbean country.

Through this dossier, Duque also denounced the existence in Venezuela of training camps for terrorist groups, as well as the existence of 20 airstrips in the service of drug trafficking.

However, on September 27, the newspaper El Colombiano said that one of the photographs included in the dossier was published in 2015 in a report on the recruitment of children by guerrillas in the Colombian department of Cauca (southwest), and added that the image was received from military intelligence.
After the mistake Duque said that the photographs were somewhat anecdotal within the dossier, but this September 30, according to the Colombian press, General Oswaldo Peña Bermeo, head of the Joint Intelligence Command of the Colombian Army.
The general has been leading the Intelligence Command for eight months, which depends on the General Command of the Military Forces, and his team was in charge of leading the realization of the dossier that Duque delivered to the UN.

However, consulted by Sputnik, the office of Press of the Colombian Ministry of Defense He said he has no confirmation of the call to qualify services to the general, which, if it becomes true, can lead to his retirement from the Army.

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