Ford called 322 thousand vehicles back


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Ford, 322 thousand vehicles detected leakage of batteries called service. The company said in a statement, said there is a fire hazard for the vehicles.

According to DW English, Ford, 322 thousand vehicles worldwide due to a fault detected in the battery called for technical inspection.

The Federal Automotive Agency in Germany (KBA) warned that acid leaking from the battery can cause a fire in the engine.

In a statement made by Ford Galaxy, S-Max and Mondeo models of acid leakage from the batteries can lead to overheating and higher voltage electrical conduction, so that the engine components can cause a fire in vehicles recorded.

Fire hazard engines are not in working condition, may be in question for vehicles parked said.

The recalled models were produced between 13 February 2014 and 11 February 2019 at the Ford plant in Valencia, Spain.

The repair time for repair of the fault is about 10 minutes. In the event of a leakage, the sensors are not deactivated and overheating is prevented by means of a connection cable between the battery and the sensors of the vehicles.

German car manufacturers BMW and Mercedes also recently recalled a large number of vehicles due to technical failures. BMW, 560 thousand vehicles around the world at the end of July in the luggage due to a fault detected in the electrical component, Mercedes recently produced between 2012-2015 60 thousand vehicles produced due to misleading exhaust emissions had been called to service.

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