For the second time … a Tunisian body enables Karoui to participate in the presidential debates


The Independent High Commission for Audiovisual Communication has approved the request of Tunisian television to enable candidate Nabil Karoui to record direct expression classes and participate in presidential debates.

According to the Tunisian newspaper Al-Sabah, the commission allowed villagers to participate in debates about the role of the presidential election, whether to attend their studios or to record and broadcast live from their prison institution.

Based on this approval, Tunisian television transmitted to the Ministry of Justice, the General Administration of Prisons and Reform, the investigating magistrate and the public prosecutor of the Court of Appeal.

In its application, the television followed the administrative and judicial tracks, whereby its lawyer was assigned to request expedited consideration of the case.

The Tunisian Administrative Court announced yesterday, it received six appeals in the preliminary results of the first round of the presidential elections held early last Sunday, October 15 this month. The appeals were filed by candidates Seifeddine Makhlouf, Abdelkrim Zoubidi, Salim Riahi, Naji Djelloul, Youssef Chahed and Hatem Boulbiar.

The results of the Tunisian presidential elections in the first round, showed the victory of free candidate Kais Said and the head of the party "Heart of Tunisia" to the second round of the presidential elections, which is expected to be held on 13 October.

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