First on Chukotka: Launch of cruise missile "Oniks" filmed – Video


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A unit of the coastal defense complex "Bastion" of the Russian Pacific Fleet has for the first time launched a cruise missile "Onik". Russia's Ministry of Defense has released a video.

The start of the cruise missile took place on Chukotka. The missile successfully hit the target, which was located in the waters of the Chukchi Sea at a distance of more than 200 kilometers.

The safety of the maneuver ensured about ten warships and naval aviation machines.

Cruise missile "Oniks" can be used against attack groups of aircraft carriers, surface vessels and land-based targets. The missile is manoeuvrable in flight and its trajectory hardly calculable for the enemy.

The Coastal defense missile system "Bastion" is usually equipped with 24 anti-missiles of the type "Oniks" (also called "Jachont"). It is able to protect up to 600 kilometers of coastline from enemy attacks.

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