'Final Word in Cyprus' conference published


Turkey Bar Association (TBB) from 20 to 21 September 2019 Date held in Ankara by "Cyprus Last Word" in the final declaration of the international conference was prepared.

The opening speeches of the meeting which took place two days ago at TBB Lawyer Özdemir Özok Congress and Culture Center were made by Vice President Fuat Oktay, Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gül, TRNC Prime Minister Ersin Tatar, TRNC Economy and Energy Minister Hasan Taçoy and TBB President Av. Metin Feyzioğlu had done.

The final declaration prepared after the two-day meeting is as follows:

"The Cyprus issue is just 'Eastern Mediterranean in control of who the factors to be' not directly Turkey and Cyprus, the security of the Turkish people and the welfare of the subject. In summary, Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic (TRNC), Blue Homeland and the Homeland of the fate It is important to affect.

in the Eastern Mediterranean and jeoplolitig new geostrategy of Turkey and the TRNC, Cyprus reviewing the strategy and must go to fundamental changes.

Before anything else; TRNC security starts from Turkey. Turkey's security starts from Cyprus.

This; indispensable, unchangeable, is the basic rule that can not even be offered to be replaced.

We have to add this rule with the same force:

The welfare of the Turkish Cypriots starts from Turkey. Turkey's prosperity starts from the TRNC.

With these thoughts "Cyprus Last Word …" titled this meeting Association of Turkey Bar Association (TBB) should social responsibility by "Cyprus rights and to oversee our interests, a new roadmap contribute to the formation of" order is arranged. With the same considerations, this meeting was held to contribute to the creation of far more robust legal arguments.

The Cyprus dispute has gone beyond being an issue between the two peoples due to the growing “conflict of maritime jurisdictions gözlen observed in the Eastern Mediterranean and the expansion of the sovereignty areas of the Greek / Greek Cypriots in Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean depending on the Hellenistic ideology. The political future of Cyprus, which is among these rivalries and rivalries in one of the most strategic regions of the world, may in a sense lead to the re-establishment of world balances.

Under the current circumstances, the 1977-1979 Peak Agreements and the UN parameters for the settlement of the Cyprus dispute are no longer sufficient. As a matter of fact, the results of the federal partnership negotiations, which have been going on for 42 years, failed. The main reason for this is that the Greek and Greek sides share the authority on the basis of absolute political equality under the influence of the Hellenistic ideal, the fact that the two peoples have a separate geographic ground and reject the Guarantee and Alliance Treaties.

The main ideas that emerged during the gerçekleştiril Last Word in Cyprus ”meeting held between 20-21 September 2019 can be summarized as follows:

It is seen that the objective of a two-part, bi-communal, federal partnership based on the 1977-1979 Peak Agreements was not an appropriate model of reconciliation for Cyprus due to the political, social, economic and psychological conditions prevailing after 42 years of unsuccessful negotiations.

Under these circumstances, it would be appropriate to enter into negotiations with the Greek Cypriot side to discuss alternative solution models outside the federation.

It is underlined that the Turkish Cypriot side needs to plan and implement initiatives that can change the status quo, which provides comfort to the Greek Cypriot side, in order to overcome the current deadlock. In the last period the Turkish side, Turkey's continental shelf with the TRNC's TPAO to give the licensee the drilling start and Varosha TRNC management of projects open for the return of former residents, is seen in this direction as disposable precise steps. It is appropriate to add new similar steps. On the other hand, the rights of the Cyprus Evkaf Administration regarding the foundation immovables in the Maraş region should be protected with care.

Unfortunately, third parties do not contribute to the steps taken to overcome the current deadlock.

In this international conference where the exit routes were discussed, the two-state solution was the best option for the independent sovereign equality of the Turkish Cypriot people due to the impossibility of meeting the goal of federal partnership. It would be the most correct way to strengthen the recognition. For this purpose, it has been discussed that uygun velvet separation ”can be tried as an alternative exit with the Greek side under favorable conditions. As a result, it is pointed out that the TRNC is a sovereign state on its territory at the age of 36. It has been underlined that it is not possible for the Turkish Nation to accept the Turkish Cypriot side as a minority rather than as a sovereign founding partner for a possible new partnership state for years.

It was emphasized that all these facts should be explained to the international public more effectively through comprehensive and continuous promotional campaigns.

It was pointed out that the legal order which was destroyed by the Greek Cypriot side in Cyprus in 1963 was legitimized and the United Nations Organization played a role in the continuation of this disturbed order.

In the new energy policies and initiatives session in the Eastern Mediterranean; In the determination of the areas of competence in semi-closed seas such as the Eastern Mediterranean, it is emphasized that an agreement should be reached in order to observe the rights of all stakeholders within the framework of equality according to maritime law and case-law.

According to maritime law and case-law, in order to observe the principle of equity, restrictions are placed on the maritime jurisdictions of islands close to the continents. For this, factors such as the length of the sea shore and the population are considered in determining the boundaries. For example, Turkey's main continent, 2 km from a small island where only 300 people live on the continent could not be taken care of, such as those Meis have equal rights.

Likewise, it was pointed out that the joint ownership of the maritime jurisdictions continues in Cyprus as Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots have not yet agreed to share.

The sessions also highlighted the following:

  • Rapid transition to the production economy in the goods and services sector in the TRNC.
  • maximally utilizing the water from Turkey, the development of industries based on agriculture and animal husbandry.
  • facilitation of trade between Turkey and the TRNC.
  • With the introduction of electric cable from Turkey to TRNC to be passed expeditiously life of the project.
  • TRNC, the Greek prevent the export front, by Turkey, the most practical way to be overridden by using all the opportunities of technology.
  • Use of all the facilities provided by international law against the air transport embargo which is an obvious human rights violation.
  • Immediate implementation of the strategic plans necessary for the sustainability of tourism and higher education area, which plays an important role in the integration of TRNC with the world and creates economic added value.
  • Similar steps should be taken against the embargo on international sports competitions.
  • Accelerating the work of the Immovable Property Commission and eliminating the reasons restricting its activities.
  • Guarantee and Alliance Treaties are not discussed in any way.
  • Closed Maraş under the rule of international law, taking into account the legal status of the assets of the Foundation under the TRNC administration.

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