Facebook suspends thousands of applications in research linked to Cambridge Analytica


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MONTEVIDEO (Sputnik) – The social network Facebook said it suspended thousands of applications associated with 400 developers for different reasons during the investigation carried out after the scandal linked to the British consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

"Our research on application developers is not completed in any way. But there is significant progress to report on. To date, this research has analyzed millions of applications. Of these, tens of thousands were suspended for a variety of reasons while We continue to investigate, "the company said in a statement posted on its blog.
Facebook said the suspension of the applications, linked to some 400 developers, did not mean that they were all a threat to users, but that many were still in the development stage and their creators did not respond to requests for information from the social network.
Some were completely suspended, the company said, also for various reasons, including "inappropriately sharing information obtained from us, publishing the information without protecting the identity of people or something else that clearly violated our policies."

One of the applications completely suspended is called myPersonality, Facebook said, which reported that platform shared user information with researchers and companies with few restrictions and then refused to participate in an audit.
Facebook explained that it also filed lawsuits in some cases, such as against South Korean analytical information company Rankwave for not cooperating with the investigation; against LionMobi (based in Hong Kong) and JediMobi (Singapore) who used their applications to infect users' phones with malware and two Ukrainian citizens for using quiz games to capture information from users of the social network.

Last year, Facebook was involved in a scandal because Cambridge Analytica collected personal information from some 87 million users through a special application without their consent, data that would have been used for political campaigns, including the Donald Trump presidential .

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